Friday, August 7, 2009

Way tooooooo long since I've been here!

I think that moving always brings on the spirit of renewal for me. That feeling that most people get on January 1st, I seem to get each time I move. I have begun making lists...what I want to accomplish personally, professionally and otherwise in my life over the next year. Lists seem to always satisfy me. Making those little boxes and then filling them up with an X once the task is complete. It is tangible evidence of what I've done...and yet when I complete a list I simply throw it away. I think maybe a list book would be a good thing. Something that really shows all that I have done. A way to really be present to how much I really do accomplish in life. A reminder that I am pretty dang rad even when I start to feel lame ;) Hmmm...something else to add to my To Do list...
Now that I have written something on my blog I'm off to check off another box...for this week anyway! I plan on writing weekly and if I don't you can totally send me an email or call me and remind me that my To Do list is waiting for another X!

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