Monday, August 31, 2009

The Boxless Lifestyle

Oh happy day!!!! I have finally gotten all of my empty boxes put away and all of the Goodwill junk dropped off with the fab folks at Goodwill!!!! Just imagine a pile ten feet long and four feet wide of broken down boxes hanging out right in front of my front door...YUCK! It is SO fabulous to have a clean patio and to have reduced my overall junk count! Another thing on my to do list is now checked off!

Next up...sewing projects galore! As I was getting ready for church on Sunday I realized that I have exactly 2 skirts and 1 dress that are appropriate for church. It was all part of the divesting of my teachery clothes that I ended up in this state. Luckily for me I have 6 boxes of fabric that I can magically make into beautiful clothes. Oh new clothes!!!!!

So that's the news from me...I'm off to check on my pot roast and to decide on which fabric will be my first victim!

Saturday, August 22, 2009 more ways than one!

During this whole moving process I have also been "moving" things in my life that have been at an utter standstill. It all started with a list of what I really want my life to look like and then I broke it down to specific tasks or goals in each area. Here are some of the amazing things happening in my life due to me actually acting on my task list:

1. An increase of interpreting hours, exceeding my weekly goal for this week!
2. A date!!!! Oh yeah that's right!!! I have a date this weekend!
3. Lost additional 2.5 pounds as of last Sunday...we shall see what the scale has to say this Sunday...( the total since Jan 1 is 42.5!)
4. Daily scripture study and I even have a scripture topic for the month.
5. Tons of time with friends and family!

So for those of you out there cheering me on...thanks for being in my cheering section and for being the kind of people that help me to dream and to be the best Erin possible! I feel truly blessed as I look back on this past year of transition, change, heartache and joy. Let's keep things moving! And hey...what do you want to move in your life???? I want to know!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

For the love of dogs!

My fabulous new landlord has two of the world's best dogs! They greet me at the gate when I come home, inspect my cottage for intruders and protect me from invaders on a regular basis. The yellow lab thinks she owns me and always pushes the sweet pit bull out of the way to make sure she gets enough love. The lab, otherwise know as Maddy, is skittish and dislikes sudden loud noises...and yet....tonight when she was checking for invaders my cuckoo clock chimed eleven o'clock and she just looked up at the clock and sniffed. How funny are dogs?! These two sweeties are definitely just what the doctor ordered! I have been trying to figure out how to have a dog for the past three years and just couldn't make it work while living in an apartment or in a place without a fenced yard. Now I have Maddy and Ella to keep me company, play with, lick my face when I come home and generally make my heart happy! Yeah for sweet puppies!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Way tooooooo long since I've been here!

I think that moving always brings on the spirit of renewal for me. That feeling that most people get on January 1st, I seem to get each time I move. I have begun making lists...what I want to accomplish personally, professionally and otherwise in my life over the next year. Lists seem to always satisfy me. Making those little boxes and then filling them up with an X once the task is complete. It is tangible evidence of what I've done...and yet when I complete a list I simply throw it away. I think maybe a list book would be a good thing. Something that really shows all that I have done. A way to really be present to how much I really do accomplish in life. A reminder that I am pretty dang rad even when I start to feel lame ;) Hmmm...something else to add to my To Do list...
Now that I have written something on my blog I'm off to check off another box...for this week anyway! I plan on writing weekly and if I don't you can totally send me an email or call me and remind me that my To Do list is waiting for another X!