Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My bedroom problem

My bedroom is making me insane! I moved into my new house about a month ago and I still have boxes in the middle of my room and my desk looks like some really nasty paper monster barfed on it. I can hardly get to my dresser and I have stuff piled on top of unpacked boxes in the middle of my room. It's not a pleasant place to be and it brings me absolutely no peace of mind. I've also noticed that I'm not sleeping well. Hideous!

In the face of my hideous room I am making a pact with myself and all of you faithful readers;) I will play around with the arrange-a-room website and create a room arrangement that makes me happy by Monday morning. I will then proceed to arrange my room in an awesome way and unpack everything by Monday night, starting my week off with a happy and clean room! YEAH! I am creating peace and serenity for myself (as well as a good night's sleep!)

And yes...I will post fab pics of my terrific bedroom on Monday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Evil "Reality" Show

Lately I have been spending a great deal of quality time with my television. I suddenly have access to hundreds of cable stations and can readily use the excuse "I need to knit..." in order to watch all of the rather fabulous reality shows available! Today I was the victim of ... What Not To Wear!

There I sat, innocently knitting a darling light green fuzzy wool beanie as Clinton and Stacy attacked another unsuspecting woman (however...I must add that it boggles my mind when these people are actually surprised that someone has discovered their special dressing skills!) I watched and knitted and was suddenly transfixed by this fabulously cute shirt dress with a dreamy necklace. I knew that I must have such a thing in my wardrobe! But first it was off to acupuncture!

The entire acupuncture session, as I lay on a table with needles sticking out of every limb and surface, listening to relaxing music and attempting to nap, I thought "Which store is my best bet? Where should I go first? Target? Hmm...or maybe a smaller, no I have to go to Target first..." Needless to say I was not very relaxed during my session! The session behind me and all of the needles retrieved, I raced to my nearest Avenue store (a store that carries a random array of clothes for pleasantly plump women), scored a FANTASTIC new denim jacket but was thwarted as to my quest for cute jewelry and a new fab shirt. The answer had to be Target.

Target...the Mecca of today's suburban shopper...the location of all household cleaning and back to school needs...the hub of affordable yet trendy clothes...AHHHH Target! Yes, Target was the answer! My loot consisted of a light weight gauzy black top with silver threads running through it and and a multi-strand necklace chalk full of pearls, silver loops and black beads. Now...I ask you...could either Clinton or Stacy complain? I think not! Not only am I completely trendy, but now I have another outfit to wear my silver faux snake skin ballet flats with. How many of you can say that?

The lesson of the day...beware of evil reality shows...especially if they come in the marathon variety. They can really mess up a perfectly relaxing acupuncture session!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I have realized that I have so many people in my life that I want to keep in the know that I have to breakdown and blog on a regular basis! So here it is...Life: Take Big Bites! It's a little slice of my life, shared with all of you!

To start off, the latest news in my life is that I've moved to a new home and have a new roommate. The new place is a dream and my new roomie is so fantastic! I've also started freelance interpreting and even though I started it feeling scared and SO not up to the task, I have discovered that I love it! Not only do I get to use my ASL skills but I get to learn all kinds of cool tidbits of random knowledge that I can use to wow and impress;)

Christmas orders have started coming in for my knitting business. Chicken & Cookies Handknits is going to make it! There are so many ups and downs when you start a new business and so many people give you SOOOOOO many suggestions about what you should do and how you should do it that you can get lost in all of the "good" advice. I am learning how to manage all of the advice and creating a business that I am proud of. Truly having ownership of your work is a fan-flippin-tastic sensation! Order your hand knits today!!!!

Enough with the boring blah, blah details...I made these totally dreamy brownies today that were so rich it made my eyes water. FABULOUS! I fed lots of friends tasty food, read a good book and sat in the sun. Today was a great day!