Friday, February 12, 2010

Apples, sore throats and urology...

In an attempt to promote better health I have been trying out all kinds of winter fruit, lately it's been all about apples! I found Honeycrisp apples and thought that they were simply amazing. Crunchy like a Granny Smith but sweet like a mild honey...yum! Thinking that this was the Meca of apples I purchased more and another variety, simply for the name, Ambrosia! Oh dang! The name says it all!!! I seriously could not believe how amazing the Ambrosia apples were! Crunchy, crisp, fresh, a soft floral taste, a little tiny zing of acid followed by a mouthful of sweetness better than any candy I've ever tasted!!! You seriously need to try them out!
Next sore throat! It has seriously been the bane of my existence for the past month. Periodically covered with puss and nearly impossible to get healthy, my tonsils are the size of the Rockies and looking like two mounds of raw hamburger. Totally gross! The pain from the nasty throat has been incredible! My ears hurt, my throat hurts and even my tongue hurts! Bah!!! In the midst of this grossness my rad friend Sherri stopped by with lemons. Now you all know that I'm not that much of a citrus fan but those lemons made my day! I've been soothing my throat with lovely mugs of boiling hot water mixed with a couple tablespoons of honey and the juice of half a lemon! Simply brilliant! It is the only thing that has made my throat feel anywhere near human! High five to Sherri!
And now for urology! Oh yea that's right...I get to interpret next Tuesday for a urology appointment...when a male interpreter was requested....and I'm not a male interpreter...UMMMMMMMMMMMM I'm not sure what happens at urology appointments but I guess I will soon find out. I may not have all of the hilarious student stories that I used to have when I was teaching but I definitely am racking up the bizarre and beyond private information that I get exposed to in this new job. Hopefully I won't get "too" exposed (if you know what I mean)!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ode to a Delicious Fruit

I love OLIVES! Green or black, brined or water cured, pitted or not...olives are amazing! Lately I have been having HUGE olive cravings. I have been trying out all kinds of olives to see what I like best. The satisfaction of the larger varieties, all meaty and salty, seems to be the most gratifying. And yes, I must admit that amongst my olive sampling I came across one that tasted like poison was a tiny, pruny thing, all angry at the world for being plucked from its tree. Most unfortunate olive. All of this glorious olive tasting has put me in the mood to make one of my most favorite breads. It's a focaccia with fresh rosemary and kalamata olives pressed into its surface. The bread is yeasty and crisp with a full mouthful of flavor from all of that delicious olive juiciness. I'll let you know how it turns out! But in the meantime...go get some olives!!!!!