Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ode to a Delicious Fruit

I love OLIVES! Green or black, brined or water cured, pitted or not...olives are amazing! Lately I have been having HUGE olive cravings. I have been trying out all kinds of olives to see what I like best. The satisfaction of the larger varieties, all meaty and salty, seems to be the most gratifying. And yes, I must admit that amongst my olive sampling I came across one that tasted like poison was a tiny, pruny thing, all angry at the world for being plucked from its tree. Most unfortunate olive. All of this glorious olive tasting has put me in the mood to make one of my most favorite breads. It's a focaccia with fresh rosemary and kalamata olives pressed into its surface. The bread is yeasty and crisp with a full mouthful of flavor from all of that delicious olive juiciness. I'll let you know how it turns out! But in the meantime...go get some olives!!!!!

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