Monday, August 18, 2008


I have realized that I have so many people in my life that I want to keep in the know that I have to breakdown and blog on a regular basis! So here it is...Life: Take Big Bites! It's a little slice of my life, shared with all of you!

To start off, the latest news in my life is that I've moved to a new home and have a new roommate. The new place is a dream and my new roomie is so fantastic! I've also started freelance interpreting and even though I started it feeling scared and SO not up to the task, I have discovered that I love it! Not only do I get to use my ASL skills but I get to learn all kinds of cool tidbits of random knowledge that I can use to wow and impress;)

Christmas orders have started coming in for my knitting business. Chicken & Cookies Handknits is going to make it! There are so many ups and downs when you start a new business and so many people give you SOOOOOO many suggestions about what you should do and how you should do it that you can get lost in all of the "good" advice. I am learning how to manage all of the advice and creating a business that I am proud of. Truly having ownership of your work is a fan-flippin-tastic sensation! Order your hand knits today!!!!

Enough with the boring blah, blah details...I made these totally dreamy brownies today that were so rich it made my eyes water. FABULOUS! I fed lots of friends tasty food, read a good book and sat in the sun. Today was a great day!

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Suzanne C Hansen said...

love the idea!!! you might want to make it so people can subscribe to your blog using a RSS reader. Then it automatically sends it when you post. I tried. . .it says you have blocked people from subscribing :) Glad to hear you are alive and kickin'