Thursday, September 11, 2008

Growing Pains

This past fall I started my own knitting business. It has been an interesting road to travel on. I have nary a clue about the business of business and I've fallen on my face more than once. I love the thrill of designing and making a new hat and watching as people oh and aw over it! The whole creative process rocks my world!
I am currently faced with the issue of marketing my products so that I can make some kind of profit from them. My friends and family all look at them and tell me how beautiful they are but rarely do they ever purchase something. I am now in a quandary. How in the heck can I get people to buy my stuff? Anyone have any ideas?
Check out the pics that I have so far at There will be more up after September 20th when I have another photo shoot with some of my new fabulous designs.

Seriously people...BUY HATS!!! It's getting cold outside for the love!

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Suzanne C Hansen said...

how do I subscribe to your blog so it automatically lets me know when you have posted??